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Dancing Beyond Borders Project – Breaking Down Barriers

Dance beyond borders in Thailand

Mission Statement

“Dance is an activity that transcends cultural and political boundaries and is a tool that can be used to unite people in communities no matter what their religion, political interest, ethnicity, cultural background or age.

The ‘Dancing Beyond Borders Project” is an ongoing worldwide project that has started in Wales, UK, and that will provide a blueprint and working model for using dance to help communities integrate with dance.” – Valeria Lo Iacono

5 Step Approach

  • A blueprint is being created for cities, towns and locations worldwide to use dance for breaking down barriers in communities.
  • A prototype is being developed and the results will be documented and published and also presented in series of academic articles.
  • A series of events, such as workshops, social dance gatherings and performances will take place.
  • Events will involve meetings in which people who love dance, from different communities and cultural backgrounds, will exchange dance traditions and practices, teaching each other about their traditions.
  • The cultural exchanges will be informal, revolving around social dance and music, rather than professional performances. Hence, members of the community who love dancing, amateurs and professionals alike, can be involved. Events will centre on having fun and socialising through learning a variety of dance traditions. Musicians (professional and amateurs) are welcome too, to play live music.

Call for Research Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors in the public and/or private sector, to help us achieve our aim to foster intercultural communication and collaboration through dance research. We are committed to high value research and to maintain high level academic standards, while engaging with the community.

We would love to hear from organisations keen to support public engagement projects in the field of dance heritage, or to fund post-doctoral programmes for researchers in this field.

Want to get Involved?

If you would like to get involved, please feel free to contact Valeria through the form on this website, or through our Worlddanceheritage Facebook page. We are keen to hear from dance loving individuals and organisations  and sponsors from a variety of cultural background and nationalities.