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ABOUT Me – Valeria Lo Iacono

Valeria of Dance heritage

Valeria Lo Iacono dancing in Wales, UK


Journal articles

  • Lo Iacono, Valeria, and David H. K. Brown. 2016. “Beyond Binarism: Exploring a Model of Living Cultural Heritage for Dance.” The Journal of the Society for Dance Research 34(1):84-105. doi: 10.3366/drs.2016.0147.
    This article critically examines the UNESCO 2003 definition of Intangible Cultural Heritage, by questioning the feasibility of separating tangible from intangible forms of heritage. The argument is underpinned by sociological theories of embodiment. Dance, as a form of cultural heritage, is used in the article to illustrate the alternative model of living heritage that is presented.
  • Lo Iacono Valeria, Paul Symonds, and David H. K. Brown (2016). Skype as a Tool for Qualitative Research Interviews. Sociological Research Online, 21|2:
    This paper weighs advantages against limitations of using Skype for qualitative research interviews. Advantages include being able to reach a more varied and international sample, in a financially affordable and relatively easy way. Limitations but also new opportunities exist in the areas of rapport, non-verbal cues and ethics. The paper is based on the researchers’ personal experience and on feedback from participants interviewed via Skype.

Conference Papers

  • Is VoIP a Feasible Tool for Dance Research? Use of Skype for Qualitative Interviews on Dance as Transcultural Heritage. – DanceHE Symposium, University of Bedfordshire, Bedford, 7th April 2016.
  • Can video sharing sites be valid platforms to archive, share and re-live dance as heritage? The case of Egyptian raqs sharqi. – Digital Echoes, Coventry University, Coventry, 4th March 2016.
  • Can online videos be powerful tools to curate dance as a form of cultural heritage? The case of Egyptian raqs sharqi. – Presented at PopMoves, University of Roehampton, London, 24th October 2015.


  • Best Student Poster at Cardiff Metropolitan University Symposium, 5th May 2016.
  • Best Presentation Prize at Cardiff University Breaking Boundaries conference, 23rd April 2015.

Teaching experience

  • ­Visiting Lecturer for the ‘Sporting Bodies and Social Identities’ master course in Cardiff Metropolitan University, on the topics of sociology, heritage and identity and qualitative research methods.
  • Guest lecturer in the School of Dance at Cardiff Metropolitan University, in the module of Analytical and Contextual Studies on the topic of Hybridism and Authenticity in Dance.
  • Delivered lectures in Cardiff Metropolitan University in qualitative research methods, including using online videos to curate and analyse dance as a form of cultural heritage and qualitative interviews using Skype.
  • Hourly paid lecturer in Cardiff Metropolitan University, teaching research methods and sociological research at undergraduate and master level.
  • Lecturer of Italian language and culture at Hanguk University of Foreign Studies, (Seoul, South Korea).
  • Teaching Egyptian style belly dance classes in Cardiff, UK, for many years. I have taught groups of up to 30 people, one to one classes, workshops and hen parties groups.


Academic Qualifications

  • PhD candidate in Dance and Cultural Heritage at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, Wales, UK.
  • Master in Tourism Management and Economics from Ca’ Foscari University  in Venice (Italy).
  • First class honours degree in Preservation of Cultural Heritage from Universita’ degli Studi della Tuscia (Viterbo, Italy).

Professional Certifications

  • Level 2 – Certificate in Teaching Exercise to Music from Fitness Wales.
  • Level 2- Introductory Certificate in Team Leading from Training Services Wales LTD.

Professional Memberships

Member of the Laban Guild for Movement and Dance.

Heritage, Dance and Qualitative Researcher

  • Experienced UX customer experience and human factors researcher specialising in qualitative research.
  • Experienced in Digital Humanities (providing training, teaching and as a conference speaker).

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